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Tam Prejusa,  Just a gal from Oklahoma City living in Kansas and living out her passions!

About Tam

Yo!  hello there.  My name is Tam Prejusa and I am the creator and founder of A Splendid Idea. I  was born in Vietnam and grew up in Oklahoma City.  I currently reside in Kansas City and I’m loving it here! 

I enjoy hosting, entertaining and creating special events . My friends saw in me that I enjoyed hosting, creating and planning which inspired me to create the wedding and event business back in 2007.  I always had an entrepreneur spirit in me. My interest in the need for yoga was then developed in 2015 and it was just natural to combined my event business into Yoga and Events. 

"It started out as just an event then we connected and created a long lasting relationship through these special events".  ~Creating Events and Creating Connections~ (TP)

Tam Prejusa
A Splendid Idea (asi), Yoga & Events
~Creating Events and Creating Connections~